Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some of the Photos Jean Took

These are the photos from the camera that Jean brought on the trip. Right now, were in Santa Clarita, eating the food at my parent place and swimming in Danny's pool, before heading back to SLO in a few days.

This is Chicago, we ust happened to be there at the same time as Ivy and
some friends of hers. We rode around and went swimming in
Lake Michigan a bunch. There was an air show going on with fighter jets and shit.

This is also Lake Michigan, but a few days earlier and a
few hundred miles Northeast. If you look closely, I'm making
the hella epic frisbee catch in the background. BRUTAL!

Four-Way Teeter Toter! This was one of the funnest
stops on a six-pack tour ever. Balancing and shit,
and then a game we're bringing to SLO called Beam Wars.

This is some dude's parents' swimming pool in Farmington.
I tried to convince them to yell Oi! as we all cannonballed
together, but they weren't interested. LAME!

We'll be back in SLO in no time!
We're repping LA for a bit first, but we can't wait to see you all!

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