Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bye For Now

Last chance to come with me. See all you kids next month.

Tommy some things you can start to scavenger for doing tile are a 5 gallon bucket, large orange sponge, grout float (maybe make this), spacers, thin set trowel, tile rubbing stone, and a straight edge. We can wing anything else.

The straight edge should be metal (not wood), and ideally 4-8 feet long. Actual straight edges for tile are expensive so be creative. It's got to be able to with stand pressing it against a freshly laid row and hammering it to get the whole row flush. Bucket and sponge probably find for free. The trowels and stone you can probably get beat up ones for almost nothing from an installer. Try craigslist or posting a note or two at local shops. Most tile shops have a bulletin board for for installers to post cards for customers to see. If any new houses being built, spacers, buckets, and sponges are easy to steal and often left out.

Eat hella pizza while I'm gone!


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