Saturday, June 6, 2009


So things in switzerland are tight, the european pride week is in zurich this year and outside my window is trance city! anina accidently shaved the side of my head and this gay german guy was telling me "I know looks, and boy, that is not a look"

tommorow some friends are dressing up like cavemen and attacking this 100 year old steam locamotive that runs through the forest once a month, one must have a (fake) beard and their own weapons. were all going to act like we have never seen a train before, here is the flyer..

I hope the art show is awesome, i hope to see lots of photos online somehow! someone should take pictures of all the art too, this can be the start of the

someone send me an adress to send a letter to everyone
hope all is well,



marina said...

embrace the trance music, b.

184 java street
morro bay, ca 93442

i'll actually mail you something this time around. same address?

Anonymous said...

zach shredbetter
324 elm st.
long beach ca 90802

wait a little while to mail it, im not moving in until friday!

. said...

Friday!? Zach you will be missed. Stay a few more goddamn days.

Brigham, show that train no mercy!

zach said...

I am moving in Friday but coming to SLO Friday night! I will be there until Sunday with a couple friends from Long Beach. I'm not ditching out on you guys!!!! I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLWAAAAYS.

mareeeeeena said...

yes! Zach, im glad you are staying a few extra days! it would have been bummer summer if you woulda left before i got back. i get back this thursday btw. hella. beer drinking.

brigham said...

marina: do you have a portland address??

zach: your address is in long beach, did i miss something?

marina said...

i got back from portland this morning but ill have a santa cruz address for you soon enough.

brigham said...

oops, i ment santa cruz address, ill send a letter to there, because it may be a few weeks...

brigham said...

woah hey i wrote my address wrong!!

it really is,

brigham baker
sihlstrasse 59
wohnung #1
zurich, 8001