Monday, June 8, 2009

This weekend Alleycat

So despite all thats going on this weekend this shit is goin down and its gonna be crazay...sheet gangstas if you wanna pop yo collar like a glock in a balla be a shot calla and check chiggity check yo sef befo you wreck yo self. then this sheet gonna be fly.
I need people to help run some checkpoints so let me know if your interested...also for one of the challenges at buchon im making people draw some crazy scenario so right down ideas you may have for people to have to draw at buchon.....this is gonna be a lot of fun and we are getting beer and pizza for afterwards....vegan pizzas too!! so head up a check point or race and drink eer and hang out

1 comment:

Dustin said...

mother fucking crickets. chirp. chirp. 0 comments vs. 36 comments scavenger hunt. max is the winner. who ever is setting this up forgot the root beer. max has vegan food, beer, AND root beer. sorry but we love root beer.