Wednesday, March 11, 2009

cant make it...

hey friends, and enemies,
well a few others and i wanted very much to go to sxsw, but things came up in the bay with friends and court dates and prison...and i think we may all be staying in the bay to be at their court date. they need support and things are getting pretty shitty around here, for some people we may or may not be pretty close to, or atleast know.
the fbi and the cops are tapping and cracking and arresting harder then ever right now..and shits getting pretty iffy.
i miss you all so much, im at seans moms house right now, should be down in slo just after ya'll leave for sxsw...the 20th or so. man o man tour was so good though, 10-12 people the whole time...goats...cabins...from the depths shows...punx...old people...nerds...froding...elk.....boner dogs....eye of the food everywhere.....sing alongs...and much much more!
hope you all have the greatest time ever. see you all when you return. be safe.
i love you i love you i love you!

ps red wood trees are fucking to climb and run on and race on and pass through...i wish you all could be here and were there.

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