Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marina's top 5 shows of 2008...

...cuz I only went to 5.

1. 88 Boadrums, Los Angeles
The Boredoms put on a free concert at the La Brea tar pits on 08.08.08 at 8:08 pm. It was a fucking crazy 88 minute-long drum orgy. It featured drummers from Hella, Entrance, Tussle and Mika Miko. Drum Orgy. Nike sponsored it and supposedly gave away free t-shirts. I didn't get one.

2. No Age, Mika Miko, Black Shirts at the art center.
Remember that random dude getting stoned in the middle of No Age playing? And Black Shirts singing "bossy".

3. ShellShag and King Brothers at Retrospect.
This was an okay show. Japanese bands never disappoint.

4. Avila Reggae Fest.
Drank tons of beer in the sun and danced and smoked joints with errrvrybody. I think it was Stephen Marley playing. Then we were all to drunk so we hung out in Avila until midnight then got a ride to Sunshine Donuts and proceeded to eat a million goddamn donuts.

5. EDC in Los Angeles.
This was a crazy fucked up rave at the USC football stadium with 65000 spectators. I don't know if this is technically a concert but Moby played and hes kinda cool in a high school band teacher sorta way. Spent the next day getting lost in Venice Beach, and riding home in a car full of gals with no more serotonin in their brains. I was way too overstimulated that weekend but it was epic.

Number one is in the right spot but the two through five aren't in any order. Im just that confusing.

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Dustin said...

I do remember that guy getting high during No Age. And god I forgot I missed the Japanese bands, I really wanted to see that show.