Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Helping out the SARP Center

The SARP Center (Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention) is moving offices from the small one they currently occupy at the intersection of Los Osos Valley Road and Madonna to a bigger office right next to the Women's Shelter - this move is really beneficial for multiple reasons. I know a lot of you support the idea of community in a DIY music sense, but doing help for the full community at large is far more imperative, and helping a valuable resource that gives so much to people would be really great. Without a lot of volunteer help, the SARP Center will have a hard time transitioning, and this could negatively affect the performance during this transition - in simple words, they won't be able to help those who need it when they have to shuffle desks around!

I know some of you have gotten job hours cut back due to the economy, and some of you have school hours that allow for help during normal work hours, and some of you don't have any school or job at all - all of which indicate that you could be more than available to help me help the SARP Center in their move! I'll post specific times as to when they will be moving, but it is in the next couple of weeks.

Also, volunteer training just finished for the winter quarter, but if anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer for the SARP Center spring training will be coming up in a few months. You can do a lot of different things: running the crisis hotline, helping presentations at school classrooms about everything from safe/consensual sex to gender equality, helping run women's self-defense courses, doing office work and putting together pamphlets/packets/information, being an advocate for rape victims at CMC, and more. Not everything you can do requires a lot of intensity - any small thing helps. Helping the women's self defense is available to women only, and being a CMC advocate is available to men only, but everything else is free to everyone. If you're interested in working with another beneficial community organization I have worked with a couple, and know a lot more, and would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.



Dustin said...

Do you work/volunteer there Max? Do you know Phyusin?

max said...

yes I do Dustin! Phyusin is awesome - she's the HR person there.

Dustin said...

I've known that lady for a long time. Tell her I said hi.