Saturday, October 18, 2008

tour almost over

well we are back in portland, or. playing @ red and black cafe' with mike xvx tonight. going to a I-69 party after this...yes its for the celebration of it being built....not!
we play chico on monday and then san fran the next day and then santa cruz then we return i hope you are all having a great week/weekend..and arent still tired of us...and if so we will be down south soon enough for a show in santa barbara and latino fest...i miss you all and hope to give you all hugs and stories as soon as possible.
reuban thanks for the awesome flyer and thanks tosh for possibly telling him about it...oh and thanks for those directions to the ferry and shit into canada as well reuban...have a great night..

p.s. hanging out with mom and dad and phil was short but hella tight...just thought you should know they love us all

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