Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a reunion

This is what y'all missed when mom and dad came back to the motherland. We made this really cool poster to wave them down off the train (which apparently makes me look really creepy), and then I planned on whisking them away in the rickshaw. It was a starry, clear night out with a warm breeze and crickets everywhere. Mom and Dad had to carry their mom and dad stuff (I think it was mostly booze and Switzerland stuff ... crazy mom and her ethnicity!) so I just carried their luggage in the rickshaw and we all walked.

When they came home this was the banner we made for them. They ate burritos, did some huggin', talked a lot, and then they hung out for awhile. Then they left without saying goodbye, but I easily reenacted that with sock puppets and a squirting trick flower to recreate Mom's tears.

We've been mostly hanging out with this new guy named Michael from Long Beach. He's a pretty cool guy. Also, I got drunk for the first time in America off of Shiraz and danced at a KCPR trainee party. I wasn't pinned to the wall and on the verge of massive dehydration like the last time, but my hair did look better so it evened out. I got the sexy 'do down to a T (according to Julia.) Also, Tommy dressed up like a 70's porn star, and it was AWESOME. Check it out here

Everything else has been pretty cool. We found this Christian Convervative old tyme string band called the Pear Shaded Mason Jar Stealers, and they're our new friends. We left your shit on the lawn with a detailed break up note. We hope that you understand the situation, namely the fact that we like pears more and shampoo rules and they let us make zines on their printing press. The Queen can't stack up to the Almighty Savior, anyway. That's the name of their pulley action crossbow they let us shoot.


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