Friday, September 5, 2008

to my little crumbs

thanks for the great update m-crumb. and that great post tall-crumb. we read all the time, hoping that someone else will have written something fun on the blog. i want to come back soon, sweden does not kick ass like the loft. my mini update is that i presented my thesis, remember that work i did? soon over, yes yes. then you can call me master cecilia. i am also knitting socks. they are red. i also think that sweden is going to shits, the right wing took over two years ago now, and since then sweden has been decaying. most of my friends have also grown up a lot, and i don't think i have to, so i find myself seas away from them, even though i came home. now i can't wait to leave. i hate how shallow and lame things are here. i miss my friends in slo and the ones that moved.

we are all small crumbs - vi är alla små smulor!

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tallmax said...

thanks mom. hope to see you again! preferably within the year!