Sunday, September 7, 2008

next tattoo

well other than the lines on my arm being re-done and bill murray and paul simon soon to be added to my legs...i am going to have another Swedish tattoo, compliments of cecilia...we are all small crumbs...i like it.
man it sounds like alot has changed...anything good come out of going back home? anything happen so far with decisions on your staying or leaving? brigham will be returning with zach and anina on oct. 2nd!!! and we are going to be on tour from the 3rd-23rd...our van we had got swooped out from under us, but for very good reason. seans step dad is having hip surgery and needs we need to find another car/van/euro van to take us on tour.
cross yo finguhs. our friends just left from livermore and we still have some visitors here and food not bombs is today...woooo food and stuff. been trying to draw alot more lately...not doing too great, but its fun. Pangea is playing here on the 14th, we are all really excited! its been wayyy to long.
well hope your day today goes out with an impressively fantastical bang.
be safe, party hard, dream harder!
how do you say toast in swedish?
love you guys


Anonymous said...

anina better still be there when i'm back, i've heard too much about her to miss her visit!!!!! if necessary tie her down so she can't leave before i come (but only if necessary, you might be able to bribe her with toast and burritos too)

milo said...

i will do that fersher. i doubt she is much of a fighter. she will love it. whoa yea

C, said...

there is unfortunately not a good word for toast in swedish. rostad macka is the closest, which is toasted sandwich. macka means sandwich, but open faced, like a toast. like it means toast, but not a toasted toast. and macka just sounds stupid. like baby-language.

if anything good came out of coming home, well. i finished work, and got to see my professor, and he's really nice and cool. i'm pretty much just lucky that lawrence is with me, because otherwise i might just not have survived. he also made this insanely garlic-y salsa, xtreme garlic sauce, and i have insane garlic breath.

yeah, that's about it for now. kick ass