Friday, August 22, 2008

holy fuck!

i was wondering if ffe is still planning on playing the fischer show. i'm down to do it, even though i won't be able to practice with the rest of you all (i'm getting into san luis just in time for the show). but if the plan is for us to play, someone who knows the shit should email bass tabs to me at . then i could just practice them, and i'm sure it will sound "amazing" when we play together. i can't wait to see everyone that day, even if ffe isn't playing. bethany and i should be getting into town sometime that afternoon, depending on how early i can convince her to leave modesto.


ps: if anyone sees james, please ask him if he's gotten that new id, or if not, then when he'sexpecting to get it. awesome fest is next weekend, and knowing he already has his new id would make me stress out way less than i'm already stressing out about it, so LET ME KNOW!

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