Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Hodie said...

I believe in Jesus Christ as the son and all of that, I'm a Christian, and I am new to all of this. I haven't had strong faith very long actually. My girl friend is very strong in her faith, and she has brought it on to me and now I'm pretty faithful, I've been trying pretty hard to become more faithful and I mess up alot and do things I shouldn't, but I try hard. And I pray about knowing Jesus more and I want it so bad, but I never felt like I got it until now. I was in my bed, I had my laptop, and then a pop up, but not a pop up, a thing that would say something was wrong with the computer, like a yeild sign thing, popped up on the screen of a random sight I was on. It said "God say's THOU SHALT NOT STEAL! Exodus (some numbers)" Then I got this weird feeling, and I couldn't stop smiling and I was happy and I couldnt stop crying and I was shivering and my vision was kinda weird- like dissiness, I was acting weird and I didn't really know what was going on. Then I felt TOTAL belief in God and there was no doubt about anything, I got it all, I understood everything and I had never felt like that before, I kept asking "God, are you here?" and I cried everytime I said it and that's when I got cold. Do you think God was in my presence? If so, then why would he come to me? I'm just a boy who is trying to know Jesus more, I'm not some amazing person who is realllly religous and stuff, although I want to be. And also, I'm pretty young and it just doesn't seem like God would come to me. And then what the computer pop up said... I don't understand that at all, what does stealing have to do with anything, I don't steal... I just don't get this. But I reallly do think God was there. Then everytime I was reading other peoples stories of having God visit them I kept crying and knew it was real, I had sooo much belief in God, and I still do. It's weird, I can't explain how amazing the whole situation is. And sorry, this is probably a pretty long paragraph I'm typing and I'll probably be very sad if no one says anything.... :) Someone please put some input. Thanks.