Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodbye California!

How's everything going in SLO?

I just wanted to let everyone know really quick that I bought a plane ticket to Vermont December 1st. I will probably stay away from California for as long as I can once I'm over there, so it might not be a while until I see you all. Of course, you are all welcome and encouraged to come and visit us (Jean, Ivy, me) in Vermont. Unfortunately, I will still be working almost up until my last day in Valencia, and I'll be hella busy these next 5 weeks getting ready to move, so I won't have any time to make a trip up to SLO. Also, I've been living at my folks, otherwise I'd invite everyone to come down and party and stay up late and crash at my house, but if any of you happen to be passing through this part of the state, or somewhere near it, get in contact and probably we will chill hard.

Let me know!


Dustin said...

Good luck Willie, we'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

You missed someone at the Meth house OD today, oh let the good times roll.

Biba Pickles said...

I miss you already.