Monday, September 27, 2010


Portland is awesome! Thanks for everyone who came to the show/dance party or sent me a kind message.

The rules for visiting me: WHATEVER GOES. This place does not care about visitors as long as you don't make a ruckus or stay here for more than ten days in a row. Chances are y'all would have friends to crash with too, so I doubt people will actually stay here for that ten days. Anyone can visit whenever. I live in the Montgomery building at Montgomery and 10th st. in PSU at Portland. My mailing address is:

1802 SW 10th Ave.
#138 (punxest room in the building)
Portland, OR 97201

Here are some top fives:

Top Five Things I Miss Already:
1) My dogs. They are better than all people. I rasterbated a 121-page mural of them on an entire wall so I see them whenever I'm in my room.
2) My family. The obligated "first people" on this list. I really miss my family (not as much as my dogs, but a very large frowny face to both) :(
4) YOU ALL. Lodge punx 2kforever
5) The people at my work. I miss being paid to be a goof with rad dudes/dudettes.

Top Five Food Carts:
1) Aybla Grill - Amazing falafel sandwiches with dark leafy greens (no iceburg!), tomatoes, perfectly spiced baba ghanoush and tzatziki. Perfectly made. Heaven in a wrap.
2) Sonny Bowls - Essentially buchon mush. Black beans, quinoa, sauteed veggies, salsa, cilantro-lime sauce, and nooch for $4. They have a hot sauce bar (with tapatio, sriracha, AND Melinda's!!!) for free. HOT DAMN.
3) This Thai/Vietnamese cart next to the DC Veg cart - they have eggplant stirfry... mouths will water when you just smell it.
4) Any pizza cart. Because the fact that pizza carts exist RULE.
5) Vietnamese sandwich carts. Better than the place in Paso. NUMMY

Sadly, both burrito carts I went to were awful. Here's to hoping I find the perfect burrito :(

Top Five Things I Like About Portland:
1) I feel AT LEAST 10x more hip living here than I did in SLO
2) I'm able to fully explore interests I've had for years but could never really do (namely see first rate orchestral music, play role-playing games with strangers, and see weirdo cinema)
3) It's the fun of San Francisco with the weather of Los Osos.
4) The school here is actually pretty awesome if you like learning things. I'm a nerd for education :D
5) Kombucha on tap. Almost everywhere I go, I see kombucha on a tap. There's this cafe next to a Whole Foods that had a $2 pints night of kombucha, I got SO MUCH. They had a berry blast one, and a white rose one, and I chugged my heart out.

I miss y'all, please visit/write. I will send you nude photographs if you mail me money


Tommy said...

Right now it is 108 out. Sucks to be you!

TALL MAX said...

It's 74 degrees here. There's also humidity here, though, which makes me feel like I'm dying.

lawrence-olivier said...
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lawrence-olivier said...

its grey and raining in london, west coast owns, i lose

Max* say hi to alex for me

i swapped the T from Tall with Tommy, sorry for the mix up

c flowers said...

!!! <3 <3 <3

from what I hear it will only take you another month to not be looking at Portland with the rose tinted hip glasses
Negative about Portland
-too many oogles with sad dogs at food carts so you feel incredibly guilty eating at them

Anonymous said...

noone wants to see you naked, max

maryjane said...

1. I've NEVER felt guilty eating at a food cart.

2. If anyone comes up to visit max its almost obligatory that they visit me as well seeing how it costs less than 5 bucks to take the bus from pdx to oly.

Chel SEA said...

maryjaaaane I feel sad for the pups.
not every traveling punk is a scum punk and not ever traveling dog is a hungry dog and they might take better care of it than any stationary person does but a lot of them look pretty miserable. :(

i will stop talking about dogs now. im sorry.