Sunday, August 15, 2010

Third Roll of Travel Photos

Right now we're hanging out at my friend Chris Woolfolk's place in Colorado Springs, CO. After I posted those last pics, we spent almost a week in Northern Michigan, and since then have been on a marathon trip through Southwest Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, The Badlands, Nebraska, Wyoming, and finally to Colorado. There was very little sleep in these last few days. The cats at Allison's apartment kept me awake. Once we got here, I fell asleep for eleven hours, and I've been feeling great ever since. We rock climbed earlier today (pics from that adventure later). The pics from this roll are mostly our last days in Detroit and Farmington, then the time that we spent in Northport with Jean's family. They are all much stranger than these pictures make them seem.

Detroit is fucking gnarly, in case you didn't know. Yes, this building is hella boarded up, and yes, there definitely were people living there. This was down the street from Ashley's house, where we stayed our last night in town.

We left William at the Burger King so he could get some nutritous breakfast before taking the two-day Greyhound trip back to LA.

There's tons of dead animal parts in Jean's parents' house.

There's a model airplane with a toy lady in it hanging from this deer head's antlers.

There were also squirrels in action poses; this one seems fairly calm.

This is up in Northport with Jean's aunt, MB. Jean and her family spent a long time carving a phone out of a watermelon, a squash, and a orange. They laughed and laughed and laughed.

Jean's brother, Sam, also had to make a few calls.

Jean is showing her mom, Heather, a dead bug, while her mom text messages.

The wild-looking guy is Jean's cousin Al. We played a brutal game of footdown in the basement of their house. Al won the majority of the games.

No one is quite sure what is happening in this picture.

We're probably leaving for California tomorrow. The drive will take more than a day, then we're going to Oakland, Santa Cruz, Santa Clarita, and finally back home to SLO. SEE YOU SOON!


Dustin said...


Tommy said...

That phone is silly, I can see it picking up local calls perhaps, but long distance? Next time try using a banana instead of a squash.

cecilia said...

tie a string to the end of the squash to the end of a watermelon, you have to keep the string taught, otherwise it won't work!

willie said...

but then the squash could only call the watermelon? what do they have to say to each other?!

Chaos Dave said...

I know if I could call your watermelon Willie, I would say I miss ya'll through my squash.