Thursday, August 12, 2010

South West

I am going on a two week excursion through our great nation's Southwest region. Driving in a van from point to point and then backpacking for a day or two at each point. Arrangements have been made to stay at several houses to allow opportunity to shower, eat fully cooked meals, sleep indoors, and have sexual intercourse.

Some of the glorious places of interest include Joshua Tree, Red Rocks, Grand Canyon, and Zion.

You are all invited to join if you have ample time, a proper back pack, and a little bit of gas money to pitch in. If you want to go and don't have these things, maybe arrangements can be accommodated.

Looking to leave LA around the 21st of this month and arriving back after the first few days of September.

Hope to see you on the road.


Some visual arousal


Grand Canyon

Red Rocks

Joshua Tree


Tommy said...

If only I wasn't going to Cuesta...

Anonymous said...

seriously. steph

Anonymous said...

Any takers who say edumacation ain't for me?


Anonymous said...

Are you gonna overdose in Joshua Tree to honor Gram Parsons?

Anonymous said...

It's either that or staging the U2 album cover with whoever you can find.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha oh god, I guess I have to do the album cover now. Nah fuck that, that would be a boring picture.

Tommy said...

Hey this isn't about your trip but I need to talk to you Dustin. Call me (805)-610-8921.