Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Juice Club

1990: Juice Club opens in San Luis Obispo.
1995: The store changes its name to Jamba Juice.
1996: Thirty stores, both franchised and company owned, are in operation throughout California.
1997: A licensing agreement is signed with Whole Foods Market to open Jamba Juice bars in Whole Foods supermarkets in both California and other states.
1998: Jambola bread is introduced.
1999: Jamba Juice acquires its main competitor, Zuka Juice; Souprimos soup line is introduced.
2000: Paul Clayton is named CEO.
2010: The Punks win and Juice Club is reopened!

With a determination bordering on evangelical zeal, Perron recruited people to help him launch the business that would one day become Jamba Juice. He met his future director of research and development, Joe Vergara, at a Safeway store. Vergara was already involved in the juice bar business, managing a handful of stores in San Luis Obispo, California. He often went shopping for good deals on overripe bananas and was buying a dozen cases at a Safeway when Perron struck up a conversation that ultimately led to Vergara's involvement in the new venture.

The Take over of the Lot has begun, 2 houses down, 2 to go.


Anonymous said...

ripe bananas

Anonymous said...

i don't get it.

Anonymous said...

also incase everyone doesn't already know, jamba is fart in swahili

Anonymous said...

the fuck?

willie said...

who all lives at the back house?