Saturday, March 6, 2010

What I Did Yesterday

1. Held a rock that was over 2 million years old.

2. Went to the Tate Modern Museum in London and saw a bunch of pretentious modern art exhibits. One exhibit was piles of dog poop sculpted out of clay. "So progressive!"

3. Met another person with a toast tattoo.

4. Received standing ovation after karaoke.

5. Only fell once.



Anonymous said...

Nick Blinko's art is at the The Outsider Collection and Archive in London, go to it!

marina said...

Only fell once, eh? I think you need to drink more.

Anonymous said...

take pics of the toast tattoos!


Anonymous said...

I think most rocks are milllions of years old

Anonymous said...

your point?

Anonymous said...

fuck you anonymous