Monday, September 21, 2009

Ready to go "douche it up"

-------------------------------Forwarded via KCPR mass email--------------------------------
This is that new web show being filmed at cowboy cookie....full of hipster characters and blah blah blah blah, check out the email.....

We're putting on a fictional Pocket Productions show and we really want you to be involved.

Here are the details:
Web Show Filming with "Grand Lake"
-- JOIN US!The web television series, "Townies," will be shooting at the Steynberg Gallery on September 25th, and we are looking for background actors to be part of the show. "Grand Lake" will be performing as the fictional noise band, "Falkor's Revenge," and we need you to bring the concert to life. Where else are you going to see Falkor the luck dragon perform live AND be part of a kickass new series? Yeah, that's what we thought.
Before you read any further, please know that this is a professional film shoot. Although it will most certainly be entertaining, it will also involve a lot sitting around and waiting as our crew moves around lights, sets up dolly track, practices camera moves, etc., etc.
Furthermore, as we'll be on a set with heavy and dangerous equipment, we'll insist that there be no drinking and that our background actors behave professionally, for their own safety and everyone else's.If this sounds good to you, please read on!
Here are the details:--
TIMES: Expect the shoot to go from 6pm to 2am. Yes, filming takes a long time, but we'll have interesting things to keep you busy: swarming Steynberg on bicycles and watching the spectacle that is Falkor's Revenge, among others. For continuity, we expect all of our background actor's to stay for the duration of the shoot, or until wrapped by the 1st Assistant Director.
-- BRING YOUR BIKE: Please come on your bike if possible. We will be using a lot of bicycles as part of the shoot.--
WARDROBE: Our costume designer has put together a dress code below. Please read through it and come with 2-3 options for him to choose from... "Generally speaking, dress like you're out douching it up in Williamsburg (Hipster Williamsburg, not Hasidic Jew Williamsburg)
So... if you HAPPEN to have a lavender and chartreuse keffiyeh, now would be a great time to wear it with a tastefully undersized pair of sausage casing jeans and florescent wind-breaker.
Hey girls--bare legs are hella lame: maybe you should wear leggings AND leg warmers to compliment your vintage dress and flats. Don't forget hazardously sized jewelry!
Or if you want to go the Dan Deacon route, feel free to break out any ironic, stained and oversized pullovers and coke bottle glasses."
-- RSVP (IMPORTANT!): If you are not on our list, you may not be allowed on set. To RSVP, please leave your phone number and email address on the event wall, or email it to our production manager, Leah Marchenko at If you have any questions, please contact Leah at Look forward to seeing you at Steynberg on the 25th!CarlProducer, "Townies"