Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey everyone this is brigham!

I was for a while in the artic circle, but im out now in dennemark. we didnt have watches in the lapland and in the end we had no idea what time it was!
with 24 hours of sunlight we almost accomplished never going to bed. I found some antlers and flowers im going to bring back around the end of august.

hope everything is great at home!


Anonymous said...

mein neues adresse:

340 Highland Ave. Apt. C
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Chaos Dave said...


lawrence-olivier said...

hey are you going through copenhagen? im in paris now but ill be back in copenhagen on the 6th

cecilia said...

i'm in copenhagen!

Anonymous said...

i tried looking for you guys! i asked like 20 people "der hvor mom og dad?"

i actually tried contacting you before but i think all the emails i had where wrong. copenhagen is very cool, we rode those free bikes around with our big backpacks. the playgrounds where very interesting

when will you be back in the united states of america?

cecilia said...

brigham, what's your email!