Wednesday, April 8, 2009


People ask, people recieve:
except these are only from maybe the first two days of was taking too long to upload them all and im impatient. more will come prolly tomorrow or in a few hours. And remember guys and gals...who knows how to party? California.

"we're a happy family"

first shotgun in Texas


"Hey, its Holiday in Cambodia!"


nobunny dude drinking our drinks

that one guy from nobunny

"its that guy!"


Francisco and Miguel shotgunning on the bridge

more bridge

"shiny pants" Miguel and "hot crocs" Willie


cecilia said...

hot crocs willie is a great nickname

lawrence-olivier said...

maddog miguel pic makes me so happy everytime i scroll down on the blog

Black Shirts said...

Thank you guys for coming!!! So happy Austin showed you a good time. In the past few weeks, we've discovered that our neighbor(s) are straight up "ladies of the night". Hopefully next time they can show you a good time, too!

Dustin said...

Yeah we came to that conclusion when we were there. A few people saw this older guy go in. And then a while later he ran really fast to his car (hmm maybe to get his wallet) and some some hoochie came outside with a champagne bottle. The day before it was different girls.