Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Does anybody in the Loft still want it? Did Templeton provide your fix? I was thinking the 18th. I believe everyone will be in town right? It's after record store day. And the after party would be the ICP-R trainee party (I hope they actually choose this theme). That way you guys won't have to worry about having a loud party come over later. Let me know. You still want to dj Francisco?

Looking forward to more pictures Miguel. Marina post yours!


Francisco said...

I can't believe i missed prom last weekend...damn Tony Conrad! But yea, we have to try it again. Maybe we shouldn't make it on the 18th cuz record store day ends at 9pm, and i don't think that would give us enough time to do prom and the kcpr trainee thingy. I think doing it at your house would be great (nice n cozy), and i'm still down to dj.

Anonymous said...

lots of out of town friends will be back that weekend. trainee party is that weekend too?


Anonymous said...

trainee party is on friday, the 17th <333