Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prom! What Is It Good For?! Absolutely Nothing!

prom in gym
Sooo....there was little response to my last post. Francisco and I would still like to dj a "prom" themed party. I know some of you little bastards already had a prom. Think of that as the winter ball. Is there any interest left?

Alex/Marina it was originally your idea so your thoughts count a lot!

I know Francisco's roommates really like the idea.

I work Record Store Day night and Francisco didn't want it that day. I don't think my apartment could even fit all of us, plus Dirt Dress and the other people in town that weekend.

So that means the 25th!!!

Say something!


marina said...

word. lets do it the 25th!

the paso prom was more like a cowboy hootenanny...this needs to be like a "phil spector is still awesome even though he killed that lady and is a little crazy" prom.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Marina, there's been enough 60's songs at Prom!

Me and Reuben went to an Indian restaurant last night, and they had Indian music videos. HOLY. SHIT. Bollywood prom all the way!!!!

2 minutes 8 seconds in, the thrusting of the world happens. IN 2 IT.

Alicia said...

My birthday is the 25th. WAZZAAAAH.

Lets have prom. Everyone here at Buchon has been talking about it so I know if it happens we'll all be there.

Anonymous said...

play this @ prom
we can all dance like he does at 2:00

alex said...

All I know is that me and Marina are going to be 66.6 % of the Ronnettes...maybe Willie would want to be the third? Bollywod is not my ideal prom. On one of my babysiting jobs I had to watch Cheetah Girls: One World which made me thoroughly disgusted with Bollywod... for now at least. What it is. Phil Spector party would be pretty amazing....Dustin as Phil Spector. Thoughts????

Anonymous said...

You all are idolizing not only a murderer, but a totally lame murderer. Grow up and worship Jim Jones or something! The fad is over; let real killers reign.

Reign in blood.



alex said...

Twinkie Defence Party!!!!

alex said...


Dustin said...

First of all it's traditional prom. Which means Phil Spector! Making a great playlist takes time. I'm not researching for 4 hours of Indian dance music. I think that would be a little tiresome...but a great idea for a different party.

That's cool it's Alicia's birthday. Wonder who will be voted the queen?

If you would like to volunteer for streamers, balloons, or glittery confetti let me know. If you don't want to volunteer, please don't let me know about it. There's places like the dollar store, hella cheap stuff. I think they have a helium tank for balloons and again it's a dollar for a pack of them.

More updates will come accordingly.

Anonymous said...

If we are renting a helium tank might as just buy Dust-Off.

alicia said...

i don't want to be voted queen just because it's my birthday. that's no fun.

alex said...

I just realized that there are so many spelling/grammatical errors in every one of my posts. haha

Pre-prom pizza party for Alicia's bday?! hellmothafuckinyea!

Dustin said...

Renting a tank? That's excessive. I was thinking fill them up there.

Francisco said...

I got more than 4 hrs of bollywood tracks....early bollywood is amazing, not the bullshit trying-to-be-American crap they are producing now. But yea, prolly not ideal for a high school prom.

marina said...

ill go to the dolla' sto' in morro bay tomorrow morning and see what i can get in terms of confetti and glittery things.


we NEEED it!

Dustin said...

i've been thinking of that (disco ball). my neighbor has a non moving one. my old house has a moving one with a light, i have one contact who still live there, i'll see what i can do.