Thursday, April 23, 2009

dewek #3 (goodbye buchon house edition)

give me stuff. stories, pictures, drawings, anything. i want to have this done by the time of our eviction and them mail them out to all our old roomates and friends.



byebye black shirts said...

we don't even get to say good-bye!


Anonymous said...

we need one last group photo on the porch.

morgan said...

god damn it. i can't believe this is happening.

lawrence-olivier said...

its really sad that next time I go to slo buchon wont be there for me :(
things that should be documented
-cuddle puddle
-art shows
-new years scavenger hunts
-six pack tours
-loft shows
-game nights
-park shows and food not bombs
-sleep overs
-the garden
-and so much more

cecilia said...

aww. i'm so sad...