Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prom Buchon '09

Well guys it's that time of the year for prom. So I've decided to make some changes...I don't foresee this being a problem for anyone, if it is let me know.

First off, I'm moving it back one week to Saturday, April 11. This allows me to make a flyer and invite Urban/Coalition girls and have them actually come. That way it will be an evenly mixed party and not a cock fest. Also I have a lot going on this week in trying to crash a bunch of classes. Moving it back will assure the song list is perfect and I have a lot of great ideas that will come to fruitation with the extra time. Trust me it will be insane. Plus I think this will work better for the after party. I believe that night is the KCPR trainee party, we can all go to that as the after party as I know the Miguel is weary of having so many people over due to recent problems with the neighbors and landlord. If the KCPR party isn't that night I am sure I can get some Urban person to host the after party. That way no one has to worry about being too loud.

Secondly, I would love some help with the decorations and other things. I should be able to come up with the disco ball and christmas lights for decorations. I am thinking an old school under the sea theme with silver and dark blue as the colors. This is what I would like volunteers for:

*Streamers - some metallic silver and/or dark blue streamers would be awesome
*Balloons - balloons of the same colors silver and dark blue
*Photo Background - someone mentioned having a background for couples pictures.
i think this is a great idea. Under the sea, maybe someone can incorporate
that giant octopus in the loft as a background
*Confetti - yay who wants to bring/make sparkly confetti to throw around?
*Photographer - i heard rumor of Tosh being the photographer. if him or anyone
else could volunteer a half an hour to takes couple photos and event photos
that would be awesome.
*Crowns - if there's to be a king and queen they need cheesy homemade crowns to
wear. Cardboard or whatever you choose to make it from. i'll organize a
vote for the lucky winners
*Food - anyone want to make humus or vegan cookies/brownies. we don't have to have
this shit but it seems like a high school dance kind of thing to do.

I will clear out my living room to make room for dancing and dj. The kicthen/dinning room will have room for lots of dancing plus photos and refreshments. I'll make a hangout/makeout area in my bedroom. the bathroom will be for peeing, drugs, and sex.

April 11th @ Dustin's house, 1224 Buchon. 8-12pm. Dress classy. Dates are highly recommended.


. said...

Sorry the layout came out stupid. -Dustin

alex said...

I can make the crowns and baked goods.

Anonymous said...

If I convert to Mormonism can I bring multiple dates? Because I want to steal all the available ladies for myself.

Dustin said...

i encourage bringing as many dates as possible and no need to get religion involved.

Anonymous said...

i am down for having it on the 11th

willie said...

if prom is on the 11th, then i will be home during passover for it.

let's just do it this weekend.

willie said...

i mean that i will be home for passover during it, but i'm sure you all knew that.

Dustin said...

passover i thought we were keeping religion out of it. didn't you go home this last weekend?

Dustin said...

would the 10th be any better Willie?

alex said...

I have to work the night of the 10th!! We can't have prom then!

Dustin said...

ahhh what the fuck

Anonymous said...

Dustin, stick to the 11th! It's a perfect day for a prom.

Obviously not everyone will be able to make it, but a Saturday is the best day for a thing like this. If we tried to account for everyone's schedule, it'd never happen, and it IS at your place so you should decide!

mj said...

This sucks. One of the reasons why I didn't leave for spokane yet was so I can make it and now its been changed to the 11th? Lame Lame Lame. Change it back to this sat or move it forward to the next.

lawrence-olivier said...

whats wrong with a cock fest?
are people going to actually try and score? lets be honest if its buchon prom i want to see naked little boys kissing and peeing on each other, a dozen naked men in a hot tub, and cuddle puddles, i want dwayne to come up and grope willie. I want girls and boys moshing not mushing, and I want fucking pictures, werd

willie said...

who posted that anonymous post? maybe it's a "perfect" day for prom for you, but maybe not for everyone else.

this weekend was already decided on and worked out for everyone.

it's also silly that the main reason we're pushing it back is to get a bunch of strangers to go. (i understand that they aren't strangers to dustin, but they probably are to the rest of us)

despite all this, it's not that big of a deal to me if i miss prom, so just do whatever.

alex said...

A prom without Willie is a prom not worth having! Maybe we should just have it this weekend?

lawrence-olivier said...

can I put my vote in for prom king and queen

king: uncle leon aka king migs the great
queen: aunt willma aka queen shwilloria

PRESTON said...

What are all the kool kids too bitchin to go to prom doin? both weekends? HIT ME UP!

lawrence-olivier said...

this feels like a chat room but slower, so 1998

Tall Max said...

Willie - Miguel said that we should start being nice and open to people at parties, and try to hang out with more people. I am all for this, and while I can't vouch for everyone, I do every now and then meet new people to talk to and hang out with at parties where its not just us - and I like it! I don't see why we can't make it next weekend and hang out with people and get down.

And I probably know some of the 'strangers' that you refer to, and it will be cool with them there! What's a prom if it doesn't have different groups of people coming together to party hardy? Not a prom at all!

Alicia said...

I'm more than happy to have new people hanging out with us at prom but we should REALLY stick to having it this weekend.

There's no need for decorations or foods or perfection. We're all doing this to have a good time and for no other reason but that. Also, I feel like we're starting to take it too seriously when all we're doing is getting into ridiculous formal wear and boogieing with each othahz.

I understand the idea of having an awesome Buchon Prom '09 is preferred, but I honestly think we're all too right brain to have anything go according to any plan. Simple is always stress free and fun.

All we really need is music, koolaid, and us dudes.

Besides, we don't need no decorations. We are the mother fucking decorations.

Anonymous said...

honestly. this was supposed to be a small loft prom with just our good friends...and now, there are flyers being made to invite a bunch of people, like the ones who acused us of being too smelly and kicked us out of their party, to come. i just wanna dance and have fun with my friends. there are plenty of other times to have huge parties with random people. ya know?

Miguel said...

wahhhh wahhhhh waaaaaahhh

lawrence-olivier said...

again, seriously 1998 chat room drama

have the prom as scheduled this weekend, and stop fucking trying so hard

no one should be trying to make new friends, the loft isnt a frat your not recruting, what are the 100+ friends you already have lining the floors of buchon at night not good enough

we cant make it :( can you just move the prom to europe?

p.s. i love this shit, we should have a loft chat room always open

Anonymous said...

have it next weekend!

Anonymous said...

it don' mattah to jesus.
it don' mattah to me.

also...my little word verification in "dicop" hahahahah

marina said...


Dustin said...
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DankStar 311//420 said...

I would like to take this time to say that you all need to get baby shampoo. Why?


diegobaptista said...

I agree with Lawrence--what's wrong with a cock fest?