Sunday, February 8, 2009

KcPr Music Share-n-Swap

Here are the results...

Matt Zenick: Chrome: Anthology 1979-1983

Katie Boyer: Tallest Man on Earth-Shallow Graves

Brian Kenny: Wavves-Wavves

Brian Hildebran; The Gellers - S/T

Trevor: The Laurel Tree - Songs About the Fall-Winter Months, 06-07
Purple/Sperm Whales – The Day/Night Split

Tall Max: Pygmy Lust-Mount Hope

Willie Guzen: Underground Railroad to Candyland-Bird Roughs

Rachel Gant: Studio-West Coast

Mikey Krimsz: Stephen Steinbrink-Ugly Unknowns

Ross Burger: The Nextdoor Neighborhood-Magic vs the Machine

Ruben Sawyer: Twance Cop- (?)

Sarah Olsen: The Deadly Syndrome-The Ortolan

La bonita Mary-Jane: Flee the Century- (?)

Me: Barry White-The Icon is Love ~~~~~~(Uploaded Already...Click Here)

Alex: Indian Summer- (?)

Elijah: Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band – Ice Cream for Crow

Calvin: Archie Shepp-Fire Music

Elijah & Calvin: Prince - the Rainbow Children

Jermain Joseph: K-OS – Live Session

Jenifer Howard: Renko Scha- Machine Guitarist

Dustin Garrison: The Funky 16 Corners

Marina Paske: Chris Isaac – Wicked Games (Instrumental)

Ara Kim: Josephine Foster and the Supposed

Miguel Avila: Lack of Interest-Trapped Inside

Tall Max: Burned Elijah

Matt Schneider: Monster Magnet- Spine of God
Neil Young- Tonight’s the Night

I'll be putting the data cd in the station sooooon.


tallmax said...

Francrisco - I gotta send you that pygmy lush album. The one I played at the thing was ripped from a grainy cassette player, and it makes the album a lot better.

And the other band I played (I did more than burn Elija!) was Racebannon - In the Grips of the Light.

Anonymous said...

Gimme it then. Both both.

Anonymous said...

Mikey-I'm gonna pass by the house tomo (i guess i should say today) after my radio show (8ish) to pick up the music you guys played. Is that cool with u?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


stephanie said...

i dont even get what this is

Anonymous said...

So...I guess my other comment was maybe a little bit unclear, and therefore deleted. This is Alex Schneider, and the song I played was 'Angry Son' by Indian Summer.

Anonymous said...

I think its about the drug trade

Dustin said...

So it's just at the station? I'd probably be in the know but I'm just a Townie that leeches off all you young KCPR souls to make me feel cool and relevant. In two more years there will be a whole new batch of you and I'll still be here getting older. I'll impress all the hatchlings with my knowledge of KCPR past and funny anecdotes of the "good ol' days". But what's a Townie to do? It's not like I've attended the university more than any of you making me less Townie-like than anybody at KCPR (named Elijah).

Dustin said...

P.S. Thank you for hosting and organizing this Francisco, and to all the roommates. This is a good idea.

lawrence-olivier said...


good for baking

Francisco said...

Crisco??? come on tall max, how long have i known u for??

And who brought up the fucking drug trade? My wire might be tapped again so don't say stuff like that.