Friday, February 13, 2009

Born Again American

free soy shake for the one who watches the whole thing!


Dustin said...

i made it to 3:15. it's not worth a soy shake.

cecilia said...

haha, i watched the entire thing! soy shake is mine! i was trying to figure out the message, that's how i made it through it. it's about how cruddy the us is, the iraq war and financial crisis, greed and unfairness, and that democracy should be put back into the hands of the citizens. which we can agree with. but then there's the bible thing, born again, liberty and something of rights. AND they have a couple muslim people singing the bible part, that's just fuucked uup maan. i couldn't figure it out

Calvin said...

longest 6:18 of my fucking life.
Whoever posted this is getting put up to the delicious treat, because after what I just went through emotionally A shake is only the beginning to a long series of mental rehabilitation.