Monday, February 2, 2009

Alex’s Top ’08 to Present List

Favorite Shows:
1. Nobunny (If only the guitarist wasn’t so creepy!)
2. Noodz/Vivian Girls (Max’s 21st bday crowd surfing/being dropped on his head)
3. Stella/others (Janeane Garofalo made fun of me!)
4. Maribelle/Can’t sing for shit
5. Neato-Bandito (ha ha)

Songs I Fell In Love With:
1. Thee Silver Mt. Zion- blindblindblind
2. Heathers- Remember when
3. City of Caterpillar- Fucking hero
4. Neutral Milk Hotel- Two-headed boy
5. Sigur Ros- Vaka

Favorite Moments:
1. Getting drunk with my mom and stealing our neighbors ‘Yes on 8’ signs, while laughing hysterically.
2. When Janeane Garofalo made fun of me!
3. Greece trip.
4. Montana de Oro with the guys of Ghastly City Sleeps.

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