Friday, January 30, 2009


Kurt (our landlord in case you didn't know) called today saying he has been getting phone calls from the city of San Luis with reports that the house look's really messy again (he mentioned our piles of recycling in the driveway / messy porch etc) and that he is coming to check on the house this Monday. They also told him that there is serious suspicion of more than 5 people (legal limit in slo) living in the house so if you are hanging out all day anyways you should at least do some of this stuff...

-if you are drinking on the porch make sure to clean up your cans, bottles, plates and cigarettes after you are done

-try not to hang out on the porch late at night, especially during the week, our neighbor is crazy

-try not to play music on the porch, especially after 5 when the neighbor is home. it doesn't matter if it is just an acoustic guitar, she hates us and has/will call the cops

-if you are working on a bike make sure to throw out your old tube/tire/bar tape, put tools back, keep stuff organized. don't lean bikes against the fence (yes the neighbor also complains about how this is somehow rotting her side of the fence), put them in a rack

-don't bring back "cool" things you find in the dumpster especially if you aren't going to use it



max said...

y'all gettin' EVICTED

morgan said...

damn, that sucks. i really hope everything works out for you guys.

lawrence-olivier said...

clean your shits punx
miss you all