Saturday, October 4, 2008

sent ya'll a letter....

we miss you all, hope your having a great week so far.
things have been really good so far, two shows tonight and alot of good bands.
punkin pie, punch, weekend warriors, raum and more....

oh miguel, no bunny is playing at gilman you know. im pretty sure thats true...
i love you all, we love you all....byebye for now.
letter should be getting to you soon.


Anonymous said...

mikey- i dont know what you mean by that. nobunny is from oakland i think, they play all the time up there

your mom called, she said you should call her back. remind rachel about the rent, we are screwed if we dont get that!

good luck on tour


. said...

mikey! i miss you! carlos and everyone else too. i hope you guys are having lots of fun. i'm sure you guys are.
see you later,