Wednesday, September 3, 2008

lately....FOR MOM AND DAD.

well the weather here has went from really hot, to warm, to cold, to one day of rain, to hot to cold nights and shorter days with sun...we've been dumpstering still, tonight i was shot at by paint ball bro's...but swiftly got away with tommy and sean close behind. ADRENALINE RUSH!!! we hung up a swing across the street from the establishment...its still there. we all got b.b. guns...well tosh, sean and I and we go out shooting everyday. we have been working on the garden...and need to call willie and ask where to transplant somethings tomorrow. playing music most everyday, and having people and bands over almost all the time...but its been worth it. miguel went outta town with willie and our new friend not sure if you met him, but he rules and they had fun it miguels home and back to work and school work...wooopdee doo. tommy lives in a tent in some backyard but now he has to find a new zone to dwell...sad but true. tonitas is almost akward these days...but it is still slightly delicious...but we found a better and cheaper selection of burritos at the natural foods co-op on broad and it rules. xpcjsx tours this coming oct.and it is going to own, form the 1st-23rd and we are going into canada! i dont know, im excited.another scavenger hunt and art show are happening this month, art show sept.27th, and scavenger hunt is not yet designated. i dont know...all in all things have been bust..and sure we all get sad and depressed and pissed and lonely and want to hit each other alot...which we do from time to time...but we love it and it loves us...goodnight to you mom and dad...i hope this gives you atleast a cracked view through a portal from you to slo town of u.s. of A

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lawrence-olivier said...

well i love the update
but you know know i dont approve of guns, i do like the sound of new burritos, i havent had one in months
mmmmmm burritoooooooo
-hungry dad