Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New GEG Song

daryl sent me a recording of the new god equals genocide song "come home pilgrim." i think a few of you might have heard it before, and i know that we've talked about it a few times.

there's a point in the song where all three of them are singing! intense!

i think they didn't want to put it on myspace because then it isn't sick as shit, but this is the message that he sent to me when he emailed it to me.

"Here it is, it might be altered in the future. More guitar and stuff. Let me know what you think.


- Daryl"

but i couldn't figure out how to upload it straight to the blog, so just send me an email and i'll email the file to you.

my email is no_vein@yahoo.com

i figure that all of you could possibly give a damn, so send me your email to get the song!

other than that, things down here are alright. the pools aren't as nice, but the weather is warmer. we were going to go swimming in thomas' pool last night but some people who were in the jacuzzi told us that a kid shat in the pool earlier in the night. we walked to the pool at the next complex, which was alright, but no jacuzzi.

we went on a six-pack tour the other night, but only went to two spots, but we drank a lot more than six beers. then brendan and i rode from newhall to val verde and drank shwisky until the early morning.

i think that i am going to have to organize some cool shit here soon, or else i'll be going nuts. i want to do soccer, but i know that a bunch of people here play baseball. it is really fucking hot though, but we have lights at all our parks.

mostly i'm just hanging out at my folks house drinking pots of coffee, which is why this blog is so fucking long. i miss you guys!



Anonymous said...

use it cause i give a dam
remember hoover dam?
i miss you to
we're going to stockholm in the morning, theres word of a big waterfight this weekend, i hope it happens

. said...

daryl figured out how to post it on blogger, so just check it out here