Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad

I think its safe to say we all miss you. Briggham's "room" just isn't the same - Briggham snugglin with three high school girls doesn't equate to mom and dad doin mom and dad snuggles. It just don't.

I am getting a second job today tutoring children. I'm pretty sure I'll someday be the best teacher the loft has ever known (after I eat Willie's heart.) I am growing up and entering the modern workforce. Hopefully I can make enough money so I can buy everything I need to fix my life's problems. I think I might need to shower beforehand, because I kinda smell. =/

I hope Sweden, or where ever else you are, is a pretty cool place. I just realized you're the most ethnically diverse couple in the world. Hopefully you don't stick out much where you are. I stick out a lot too (mostly on my short bed).

Well, my dog needs to go on a walk. You remember Ruby, right? She's still as dumb as she was when we went to the sand dunes.

~Max, "Tall"

P.S. Chill hard

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